Because…Life is about more than just Surviving!


Leia Gamache is a Certified Personal Coach and Shamanic Teacher/Practitioner

She offers more than 18 years experience mentoring in the areas of Relationship, Career, Wellness and Personal Empowerment.

What her clients have to say…

“Leia has an incredible ability to quickly understand the ‘who we really are, and what is really going on’…bringing that information into the light so we can see it for ourselves. I love how she just ‘gets’ me, and my partner. She is always able to bring perspective to myself and the relationship. Leia is very generous with her time and teachings, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.”

Love Kelly xo.

Leia will always have a piece of herself in my heart.  She carries great knowledge and wisdom and I am fortunate enough to have met her.  I’ve had 7 years of her training so far! She is always assisting to guide me through unknown waters of healing and growth.”

Ravi. R.

What she has to teach and share about Soft Power is life-changing!  It feels like coming home.”

Dara K.

“I wanted to pass along my sincerest thanks for all your help and guidance.  Since we’ve met with you, we have had a son who’s now 8 months old and we have recently relocated to Brisbane, AustraliaIt feels so good to have achieved all this in such a short period of time and we never would have got past the ‘rut’  if it wasn’t for you! Many thanks!”

Jackie H.

“Leia has taught me to look inside to find  my own answers to my life questions. She has a unique talent in bringing you to a place of clarity in a matter of seconds. Very gifted woman!”

Charleen L. Author

“A Master Teacher and sentimental heart. My gratitude runs deep.”

Linda J. Teacher

 Live the Life You Want!”


Telephone appointments also available