The Dance

Want a Great Relationship?How do you Dance between Autonomy & Connection?

100% of our lives are spent in relationship…with ourselves and each other.

So, why do we put each other last?

I’m guessing it isn’t like that in some parts of the globe, but here in the west, most of us squeeze in time for our most important relationships between all our other ‘priorities’.

Yet, for a relationship to work…it has to have strong bones.

Strong bones – I must make time for me and honor my deepest-held values. If I don’t – I am starting with a weak foundation (this is why they tell you to put the mask on first when you fly).

Strong bones – I must give myself permission to be exactly where I am on my journey of life…

Strong bones – It must be okay for you to be wherever you are on your journey…If it isn’t, I have no space for you in my heart.

Strong bones – We must learn to choose each other every day…as if it were our first day. We are, after all, never the same.  

If I had to define relationship, I might say…

It is the mirror through which we can see & challenge ourselves…

How far have we fallen or grown? What do we truly believe?

I could say…it is the expression of and desire for Love.

It is Intimacy (in-to-me-see) a desire to be known.

It is balance…the dance

…between Autonomy and Connection

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