Family Mediation

Family MediationFamily Mediation

Not seeing eye to eye? 

Communication can be difficult and our struggles with it often separate us – especially in our most valued relationships.

Here is a ruthless truth…every unresolved or unspoken conflict is a “point of separation.” 

Is it any wonder that we sometimes find ourselves miles apart!

That’s right, we can bury this truth.  We can try to escape it.  We might even argue with it – but until we are willing to empty our cup…listen deeply and speak with heart…we will simply continue to struggle.  

Mediation is best suited to people who are in conflict; separating; in co-parenting agreements; or for parents and children (or siblings) who need to find some common ground. After all, relationships are better when seen through both “I”s.

Looking for help for the whole family? Sometimes a conflict is bigger than just the two of you. 

Mediation with a caring, supportive and experienced Relationship Coach can help you to dissolve differences, give everyone a valued voice and offer the best chance of putting your relationships back on the same page!

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Note: First-time clients must book an Introductory Consultation prior to Mediation.