Shamanic Teaching/Healing

Shamanic Teaching/HealingShamanic Teaching/Healing

”We Rise by Lifting Others” ~   Robert Green Ingersol

Shamanic Healing offers a way to honor yourself and others as you heal and bring your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self back into balance.

It is a partnership in which you are actively involved in your healing. 

A variety of tools and approaches may be used, which could include drums, crystals, meditation or journeying, ceremony and self-reflection…to name a few.

Shamanism is not a religion but a name given to tribal healers (originally in Siberia) more than 20,000 years ago.  The word is said to originate specifically in the Tungus tribe and is roughly translated as “one who sees”.

In today’s world, the work of a Shaman is synonymous with that of medicine men or women, healers, or curanderos – depending on where you are located in the world.

Most Shamans you come into contact with will work within blended traditions and may not look different than any stranger you might meet in your day-to-day life.

An individual is typically initiated into this work through their own life experiences. My  initiation began at age 9…my first experience with death

Since then, I have gathered many years of knowledge in both the Shamanic tradition and in other more mainstream approaches to healing. 

For me, shamanism is a way of life…a calling to be of service…and a weaving together of the wisdom of many paths…for the benefit of all.

It is about holding an impeccable space for another to heal…a way of grounding ourselves…of welcoming each other…of hearing our own inner wisdom…and choosing well.

We all reach that tipping-point, when we are no longer willing to accept those patterns of thought or behavior that are not working for us.

If you have reached yours…I look forward to meeting you. 

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Leia is a Certified Personal Coach and Shamanic Teacher/Practitioner.

She is certified through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine.

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